State of the Warzone Address

by muskells

It’s been a while since I’ve had anything interesting, informative or funny to say about anything in EVE. I’m not one to post for the sake of posting, unless it’s about my proteus, so I’ll try and keep this as too the point as I can.
I’m between a rock and a hard place. On one hand people have been attacking my much loved corpie Susan Black for her trolltastic blog post about the Amarr coming back with full force and kicking some serious ass on the war front. And on the other hand Shalee Lianne, a very old friend of mine, retorted in a not-so-nice way and pretty much called her out on it.
So rather than pick which of the two ladies I cherish more I’m just going to wax poetic on my feelings about the current situation of Faction War within the Amarr/Minnie spectrum.
The Amarr are whopping some serious ass and the Minnies aren’t doing too much to stop them.
I’m not too sure what exactly created the feeling of ambivalence within our ranks, or with me for that matter, but with the loss of Kourmonen came the loss of a lot of morale on the Matari side. I, for one, don’t so much give a shit about holding systems or plexing or anything like that. I never really used (see:abused) the LP mechanics in order to make money for myself. I always found that station-trade pvp or gambling on Blink was a much more fun and lucrative method for it. So take everything I say with the understanding that warzone control 1 or 5 doesn’t really matter to me.
EVE, like everything else, is cyclical. One side always seems to have the advantage for a few months and then it switches around. The recent balance of power just simply had a longer turn around time. So now it’s the Amarr’s turn to shine, make us feel small, and beat our slave asses into submission. It’s about goddamned time too.
There is one thing that I’ve noticed as of late, on both sides, and that is we’ve been having a lot more interesting and fun fights just like we did back in the day.
A few nights back KPP and co went up against and I.Law fleet with some Fwends in navy omens and other ships. We had no idea that the N.Omens were remote repped fit and our SFIs couldn’t do fuck all against them. That was pretty god damned fun and a relatively innovative way to spice up combat. Mad props to Almity and his crew for the great idea.
Last night, Galdornae in his infinite wisdom decided we should take out some remote-rep assault frigates and we got a hell of a fight out of it. (much to my surprise as I told him no one would fight us) I, again, had a great time and it was a really fun fight.
I’m very happy that the Amarr are back in full force and are willing to fight again as it makes me have something to look forward to other than spinning my ships in station or camping hi-sec gates.
I’m genuinely terrified about losing my home system Huola and the logistical nightmare that would be moving my shit out into another system. But it’s that kind of fear that makes the battle meaningful. I welcome it.
To summarize my feelings on everything: My dad can beat up your dad.