Amarr Victor (C’mon I just want more fighting)

by muskells

With the glorious amount of destruction raining down on factional warfare space this past weekend, I’ve been reflecting on the past few years I’ve been in FW and how it has evolved in my eyes.

A lot of the same pilots have been around the entire time I have, some have gone and came back and others have disappeared entirely. The interesting thing is that although we can all field bigger and badder stuff not much has changed. The attitude really hasn’t changed, the fights have ebbed and flowed into larger and smaller engagements with varying ship classes, capital support was prevalent for a good while and has come and gone in its own right, pilots have switched sides and some switched back, and space that was once home to one side is now home to the other. But really, war never changes.

Until now.

With the new Inferno expansion faction warfare will actually have some consequences come along that affect something other than your pocketbook. A few of the changes will still be ISK related but for the most part it will shape the battlefield in an entirely new way akin to those who fly in null-security space.

The major and controversial change that this expansion will bring into the fold is station lockouts. Currently if your faction holds sovereignty in a system it doesn’t really matter, the only thing that actually changes are the names in the top left hand corner of your screen as you float around aimlessly trying your best not to become space debris. With the new expansion, however, if your faction owns a system the enemy faction has no docking rights in any of the stations therein. As a result any assets you had in those stations are now inaccessible unless you drop out of the war.

This ends up accomplishing a few things. That system is now significantly harder to take back as reshipping requires you to float to either hi-sec or a system your faction owns, it gives a real and tangible feeling of worth to those stupid little plex buttons we all hate spinning so much, and it drives up the price of faction mods for the losing factions (theres more reason for this, but less systems mean less places to buy these things too).

The Amarrians are the relative (and ironicly so from a storyline standpoint) underdogs in the Minmatar vs. Amarr battlefront. Last time I checked they only owned 12 systems and that number was dwindling. This presents a bit of a problem as the vocal minority of the Amarrians have stated in the past that when the expansion launches they will pull out of the war all together.

I can’t really blame them.

You’re already fighting slightly outnumbered, you have fewer systems to dock in and less of a reshipping advantage and the moral must be getting quite a bit on the lower side of the scale.

On the other hand…

You’re the mother-fucking Amarr, the glorious golden fleet, the slavers of space and the great conquerors of New Eden.

From what I’ve seen there are quite a lot of new faces joining up with the Amarrian side of the war, Fweddit standing out right away, and that number gap in fleets seem to be closing pretty quickly. I fully believe that the Amarrians can come back from this slight upset in the balance of power and make a great, and fun, war for everyone involved.

I know the changes may seem a bit daunting. I know that if I was on the other side of the coin I would probably just drop FW all together and just go pirate but that’s only because I’m pretty much just a pirate anyway. I can’t imagine the amount of stress that these changes are looking at causing within the ranks of the corps of the Amarr Empire. I do also know a lot of the pilots fighting for that side are some of the most tenacious and skilled that New Eden has to offer.

In our sandbox the war over sandcastles will rage on for a long time to come. I, for one, am excited to be on the front lines.

How has Faction Warfare changed for you? Let me know in the comments.