My Space slug – an ode to the Proteus

by muskells

My spaceslug is green, round and bulbous.
My spaceslug is asymmetrical and has mis-matched colours and lights.
My spaceslug can be fast.
My spaceslug can be slow.
My spaceslug can be sneaky and even have a hard shell.
My spaceslug is mean and can make anyone hurt.
My spaceslug is gentle and can make anyone feel better.

But most of all… My spaceslug is mine and no one elses.

My favourite ship in the game happens to be the strategic cruiser the Proteus. When you ask the average EVE player what their go-to tech 3 ship is I would hazard to guess the majority would pick the Tengu.

Not me. Green is mean.

The proteus, albeit an ugly and awkward looking ship, happens to have an incredible amount of diverse fitting options that can tackle (snicker) a multitude of roles. It is arguably the best cloaky PVP T3 out there, it can have a tank crazier than that of the majority of battleships. The proteus can put out an insane amount of DPS and can point out to a range similar to that of the Arazu or Lachesis. The proteus is a jack of all trades and a master of some, like most of the Tech 3 cruisers. But the proteus has one thing the rest do not.

The proteus has heart.

Like the ugly stepchild or the kid picked last in gym class, the proteus is not the most appealing ship on the surface. It has a hybrid weapon system, drones and arguably the worst range and speed out of any of the T3s. It’s round and bulbous and has mismatched green and silver paint on its hull. It can sometimes look like a combination of a hammerhead shark and a deformed penguin. Or it could look like a giant green spaceslug that has been pulled to a point at the front. It has a warfare link bonus that almost no one in their right mind would use as a T3 Booster ship. It has a cornucopia of cap issues and flying one without a cap injector is close to suicide. But what other cruiser can you deal 800 DPS and still have a passive tank of over 130k? What other cruiser can fit a covert ops cloaking device, expanded probe launcher, field a set of light drones (with drones to spare in the bay) and still do 500 DPS with its turret system? What other cruiser sized hull can fit a tank on it so massive it can rival that of pirate faction ships? Only the proteus.

I’ll agree. It isn’t the best ship in the game. But it’s my best ship.

My spaceslug has soul.
My spaceslug is a force to be reckoned with.
My spaceslug is green, round and bulbous.
But my spaceslug can whoop your arse and live the tell about it the next day.