How do I mine for noob? – Low sec gate camping guide

by muskells

Shivers run down your spine as your warp-drive whirrs to a halt. You land 230 metres from the gate between high security and low security space. A momentary pause and you and your occator-class transport ship jump through into the next system eagerly awaiting the ISK you’re about to make by selling goods in a combat area.

You’ll be fine, you have a ship with an exceptionally strong warp-drive. Nothing possibly could go wrong.

“You are currently having your warp drive disrupted by external forces and cannot initiate warp.”

That’s not possible…

You clench your teeth as your ship and your goods vaporize into nothingness. You’re now floating in space, suspended by goo in a pod.

“You are currently having your warp drive disrupted by external forces and cannot iniatate warp”

The next moment you witness a burning hot sensation followed by the smell of burnt flesh and then nothing. You wake up in Jita, a new body untouched by the hazards of space. You thank the stars you’re still alive… albeit a lot poorer.

To most the gate-camp is an unavoidable evil, something you just deal with while venturing between low and high sec space. To others it’s a way to pass the time while shooting the shit (and noobs) with your corpmates and friends. To the pirate it is a source of income, entertainment and a lifestyle.

Today we’re going to go over how you can set up your own gate-camp, what ships to use, how to make some money doing it and how to avoid getting caught by one yourself.

First thing is first: in order to set up a gate-camp you need a few important things or this isn’t going to work out in your benefit at all.

A gate that is an entrance to high-security space in a low-security system – A group of friends (3+) who are willing to take security status hits. – An alt character who isn’t associate with your corporation/your friends corporation that can fly something that cloaks and has a salvager. – Good conversation and preferably some alcohol.

Finding a gate is a relatively easy process. It’s best to find a system that is a bottleneck into a region of low security space that is highly travelled. For example, the Ossogur gate in Amamake is infamous for the pirate camps there simply because it is the quickest way to Rens (the minmatar trade hub) from the warzone. You can find your own system to call home by checking out DOTLan maps.

Once you’ve found your system it is important to set up the gate properly. You’re going to need to make a few different safespots around the gate to make sure that you have the ability to get away quickly if a larger force attacks.

2 spots 175km from the gate. One above and one behind. (or just out of any direct line of celestials.)

1 spot 1500km below and 1 spot 1500km above the gate.

1 spot 5000 above the gate.

Any two safespots as 15AU or more from the gate. Preferably one that isn’t particularly close to anything, gate celestial or otherwise.

Keep in mind that gate-guns can only shoot you out to 150km and station guns hit you out to 250km.

Now that the gate is set up you need to figure out what ship types you can field and what you want to bring.

I recommend, in a 5 person gang, the following fleet composition:

– One heavy interdictor fitted with a ward disruption field generator with the focused script in it. (I use a devoter)

– At least one ship with a stasis webifier, the more the merrier. I recommend one ship with a 90% bonused web. (We usually use a vigilant)

– Two high DPS ships with decent range and tank. (You can use battleships or Tier 3 BCs. The Tier 3 BCs have the advantage of speed but either would work.)

– One ship that has a speed above 2500 m/s in order to both bump people out of alignment and help decloak those annoying blockade runners.

My ideal 5 man setup is:

– 1 Devoter with 3 SeBos, a Medium Armor Repper, Medium Neut and 2 Infinite Points

– 1 Proteus for the long scram

– 1 Talos, shield fit as bumper and dps

– 1 Vigilant for 90% webs

– 1 Vindicator (not the most cost-effective, but I like it) for dps and webs.

If you notice in my setup all except the talos are armor tanks. This is ideal due to the shield buffer right off the get-go for gateguns as well as armor tends to have a better resist profile for the most part as well as higher EHP. Also, each one of the ships has a drone bay with the exception of the Devoter.

If you run across a cloaky ship, I’ve found the best way to decloak him is to assign all your fast drones to the quickest ship in your fleet and have him orbit the gate at 7.5km with his MWD on. This will hopefully intercept the cloaky ship and allow you to get the kill off.

Of all the ships on field in my setup the most important one would be the devoter. With the warp disruption field generator (inc focus script) you can essentially nullify any warp core stabs as well as have fairly high scan resolution in order to grab any of the quicker stuff that comes through.

Boy Scouts Incoming

After everyone is undocked and in their ships you want to warp them all to the safe-spot 5000km above the gate and make sure everyone is aligning down to the gate. You’ll then send your alt in a cov-ops or other cloaky ship down to the gate and have him jump through. Make sure he sits about 150 from the gate and stays cloaked.

With this character you’ll be watching local and the directional scanner as well as the gate itself in order to pre-emptively spot any targets.

Some people like to have their alt sit on the gate with a passive targeter and ship scanner to see which loot piñatas they want to pop, but with my gang we usually will kill anything so it’s less of an issue.

When a target is acquired and lands on the gate you have two options: You can all warp down immediately and get ready to point the character (this has the potential of spooking him if he has a scout) or you can wait for him to jump and warp down once the gate activates on the high-sec side.

I prefer the pre-emptive land method as you’re more likely to know if they have a scout ahead of time by paying attention and watching local.

Once the target is decloaked and pointed, make sure to put all of your webs and send the fast ship to bump him away from the gate to ensure the kill. When it pops try and lock the pod for a ransom but that doesn’t necessarily matter as much.

Warp your scout down to the gate on the high-sec side and jump through, loot the wreck and salvage, hop back into the hi-sec system and dock up to deposit loot. Rinse repeat and you have a successful gate-camp.

Make sure to always keep an eye on local in both systems as it is not uncommon to be baited into a trap… Especially if you’re fielding expensive ships.

Can’t touch this

Now that you know how a camp is set up, how do you beat one?

This quick answer is patience but like most people in New Eden you’re probably not stocked full on that.

Option 1: Have a scout. Set up another account or have someone check the gate in a cloaky ship or shuttle that’s hard to lock. Have them look at the direction long-range scanner upon jump in and then check short range out to about 1 AU. If there happens to be a camp or a bunch of pilots in system with -10 security just don’t go through that gate and find an alternate route.

Option 2: Cloaky. Not foolproof by any means but offers a lot more protection then jumping through with warp stabs in the long run. With a blockade runner you can usually make it through all but the largest camps unharmed.

Option 3: MWD Cloak trick. Maybe working as intended or a bug… it is a viable way to get yourself out of a low-sec gate camp. It works like this: When you appear on the other side of the gate and realize you’re in a camp you immediately pick a gate to warp to, click align and your MWD at the same time as well as the cloaking device. This gives the MWD one cycle to run while you’re cloaked and gets you up to speed. So, as soon as you’re up to speed you can warp immediately upon decloaking. This works by putting the ship past it’s 75% of top speed required to warp by exploiting the speed the MWD gives you. I don’t like this trick but it’s there and isn’t changing.

Option 4: Ask the campers nicely or offer a bribe. I don’t normally suggest this as most gate-camps are out for the kill not the cash but it could work. Also helps to be nice and appeal to their ego. We’re all ego-centric at heart.

All in all gate camping can be a fun and somewhat profitable venture. It’s a shitty way of PVP for the most part because the majority of the fights you get are ganking industrials or other semi-defenceless ships but in a pinch it can be a good way to spend the evening joking around with your buddies on voice comms.