How do I shoot gun?

by muskells

It’s a beautiful night in Huola and you have just been called to a battle in Kourmonen for the contention of the system.

Here’s the scene:

You and ten other of your closest friends are following the glorious Fleet Commander Bahamut420 into a major plex in the Kourmonen system. You are all in battlecruiser class ships, all shield fit, with one Scimitar as support for the fleet. Prior to jumping in to the complex Bahamut has designated you his secondary target caller in case he goes down in a righteous cloud of rust and smoke.

And let’s be honest here, He’s going to go down first. He’s Bahamutfucking420.

You all engage the complex gate. Warp Drive Active.

The enemy fleet composition is as follows.

2 harbingers are at 0 on the plex warp in. 1 falcon is 60km away. 1 curse is 35km away. 2 brutix are 15km away. 1 hurricane is at 20km and burning away. 1 damnation is 60km away sitting on the plex button. 2 omen navy issues are at 25km orbiting the harbingers.

Your fleet composition is:

1 scimitar. 2 shield hurricanes. 2 drakes. 1 shield astarte (stupid Manos) 1 sleipnir. 2 talos. And you, my dear friend, are in a rapier.

As you land, Baha gets nuked almost instantly and you, my friend, are stuck with the job of calling primaries for your pride of lions.

What do you do? Who do you call out to shoot first? How do you turn the tides of battle? And how stupid was Bahamut to put you in charge of something like this?

Post in the comments of how you would go about winning a fight like this. Let me know who you’d call as first, what direction you’d give the fleet and why. In my next post I’ll outline what I’d do.