The Savannah and KPP origins

by muskells

The EVE-Online universe is a giant savannah. The constellations and sovereign nations are all different areas of the expanse. Within these areas are a myriad of different species all part of a giant chain that interweaves with one another to make this savannah an organism on its own.

First, we have the lowly antelope. The antelope roams the plains of the savannah, not really affecting anything other than its own and the plant life that they use for sustenance. You can liken the antelope to that of the mining care bear. He sits in high-sec minding his own business with the rest of his mining group, munching the space-rocks in order to keep the chain going.

Then we have the majestic giraffe. It picks the low hanging fruit from the trees above and fuels the growth of the plant life in the area. It is a solitary animal that is very rarely accompanied by more than one other animal, picking up the scraps as they fall from the trees. This is much like the mission running care bear, he’s more than happy to sit in the safety of high-sec and destroy NPCs for easy ISK.

We have the wildebeest next. A herd animal by nature, the wildebeest roams around with a large group and follows the general order of the pack leader. The mighty wildebeest could be compared to that of the incursion runner, they roam together in large groups and make their ISK by destroying NPCs in high, low, and null-sec in complexes.

The cheetah makes its appearance near the end of the list. As a solitary predator the cheetah takes on targets of opportunity in order to sustain itself. It will jump on the weak and lonesome without warning hoping for a quick and easy kill. The cheetah is the low/null sec solo PVPer in our savannah.

The hyena is an interesting creature. Much like the cheetah it takes out targets of opportunity but it does so with the help of a group of like-minded other hyenas. The hyena makes its mark on the savannah by picking off the seemingly weaker groups of animals by using smart tactics and ambushes. The hyena is akin to that of the small pirate gang, they operate in small and smart groups picking off targets of opportunity and running when anything bigger threatens their numbers.

The crocodile sits in the second last spot on our list. The crocodile is a predator matched by almost no others, he sits in large groups and bides his time in order for the best opportunity to strike and make the kill. The crocodile will sometimes let the antelope or wildebeest be in order to make them feel comfortable so as to ensure a coming food supply in the future. The crocodile is that of our sovereign null-sec alliance pilot. He sits and waits to defend his territory using the miners and mission runners as a passive form of making ISK.

Lastly, we have the lion. In the savannah there are no animals that are as fearsome and respected as the lion. He sits astutely with his pride and watches over all that he surveys. He is a pack animal by nature but each and every lion in his pride can hold their own just as well as the other. The lion has no natural predators and is the undisputed king of the savannah. What the lion wants, the lion gets and not even the mighty crocodile will stand in his way. In EVE’s savannah, we are the lions.

Ka Pow Pow was formed by Manos Kdo as a splinter of Ice Fire Warriors. Our lovable Aussie was annoyed by the amount of corporation mails he received while under the employ of IFW and decided to create a one man splinter corporation in order to remove himself from the politics and place to stick all of his alt characters. He was joined shortly there-after by his long time real-life friend Shoog and was more or less still IFW at heart.

A little while later, Manos was befriended by a new IFW member looking for a way to rid himself of the politics as well. Muskells had been an Amarrian pilot, a pirate, and a wormhole dweller for some time but enjoyed the simple easy going nature of the Minmatar.

The friendship was solid from the start and they enjoyed a long string of neutral and factional kills and fights, much to the chagrin of the rest of the pilots in Late Nite (a communal channel for the pilots allied with IFW). For a while, the two pilots when all but unnoticed on the warfront, using smart tactics and expensive ships to turn the odds in their favour when outnumbered. This didn’t last too long however as they caught the eye of a few pilots looking for place to hang their ships and enjoy the policy of “No bullshit, all pew pew” that KPP employed.

The next to join the ranks was Galdornae. He was another ex-amarrian from Locus Industries, a slightly infamous corp known for it’s professional level of piloting as well their penchant for war-deccing other corps within their faction for *tears* and *lulz*. He was a welcome addition to the group and much fun was had.

Sneaky Noob, a loud mouthed and hilarious troll, was the next to throw his hat into the ring with the KPP pilots. He, also known as Pel Ukken, was another ex IFW pilot looking for a way to get a bit of his aggression under the ideal that Ka Pow didn’t care too much about who they pissed off.

The Soap-box, or LP McDuffs, as most would know was the next to join the ranks of Ka Pow. Famous for his hit-and-run tactics as well as his way of interjecting his well-informed and well-written opinion on pretty much anything that happened that was out of kilter with the Late Nite crew. He was the face we needed in order to start putting Ka Pow Pow out front as one of the powers in the militia.

The mascot, M0220h was the next in line to join up with the pride. He didn’t so much apply to the corporation as he was stolen from Autocannons Anonymous due to him not only being a solid pilot but a generally fun and entertaining guy to be around, especially on comms.

A long standing friend and ex-corpmate of Galdornae, Susan Black was next in line to join the wicked ranks of Ka Pow Pow. The only ‘actual, real life, nail polish wearing’ girl in the corp, Susan did not let that stop her from keeping up with the general abuse from the testosterone fuelled idiots. She threw the rest of the gang a lot punches herself and is one of the most influential pilots that Ka Pow Pow has in it’s roster.

Ka Pow Pow is a corporation, part of the Late Nite alliance, that holds the philosophy that EVE-Online is supposed to be fun, regardless of who you’re inconveniencing. As a result, almost all of the members are -10 security status as well as infamous for assaulting anything that moves that isn’t set blue to the alliance.

We have no rules of engagement. We have no set tactics and techniques. We do not care if we hurt your feelings. We have fun, regardless.

We are the lions of the savannah. We are Ka Pow Pow. And we don’t give a fuck.