Faction Warfare – Why you all need to man the fuck up.

by muskells

I was there.

I was there when the Amarrian Empire was at its peak.

I was there when there was non-stop battleship fleets smashing into each other every single night, every single day.

I was there when there was a plethora of different Fleet Commanders to grab everyone from public comms and shape them into bloodthirsty slavers.


The problem is not the mechanics behind the Factional Warfare changes. The problem isn’t even the ridiculous amount of isk you can make through LP stores and bottle-necking the stockpiles. The problem isn’t even the station lockout.

The problem is the people.

For the first grand portion of my FW career I flew under the name Xaerik in a corporation by the name of Deus Imperiosus Acies. It was lead by a real-life friend of mine by the name of Invelious who, at the time, was a relatively prominent FC in the Amarr milita. He had lofty goals that had no in game reason to be done but he wanted to do them for God and Empire, which to me was pretty cool so I jumped on the wagon. It was only a matter of time before I lost a bunch of frigates and cruisers to epic fleet fights in trying to take over systems that did not really even matter.

I ended up flying with a number of great FCs on the Amarrian side and had a great time doing it.

After a while spinning plex buttons I ended up meeting another pilot by the name of Zenton Karvash. Him and I became fast friends and ended up getting a lot of small gang kills and helping take a bunch of space. We ended up having quite a few great fights in plexes but I noticed that our targets were dwindling and we were getting ::goodfights:: less and less. Especially when Invelious decided to move the corporations base of operations down to Aset in an attempt to capture it.

That was the beginning of the end for me as an Amarrian.

I ended up making Proper Villains shortly after dropping out of militia and I brought some of the people I flew with from DIA with me. We had a great time as pirates, only having each other for backup and taking all the punches that come with being -10 in lowsec space. Everyone was our enemy and I wouldn’t have wanted it any otherway.

Proper Villain’s demise came with a failed stint into Wormhole space which I won’t get into here. I ended up, with Zenton, going back to Amarr and saddling up with Aldrith and Shalee in the Knighthood of the Merciful Crown.   (This is when I bought Muskells, fwiw)

I remember joining a fleet shortly after many people had realized that Xaerik and Muskells were the same pilot. I was ready to help bring down a small Minnie gang with a bunch of cruisers and battle-cruisers when someone piped up on comms, “Hey Matt” to which I replied of course. Eran Mintor had just then realized that Xaerik and Muskells were both me, and I was promptly kicked from the fleet.

I was blacklisted.

I shrugged it off and went back to piracy, getting more outnumbered fights and flying alone for the most part.

It wasn’t until one night where I was floating around in a vagabond picking off a gang of Minmatar tackles in Ice Fire Warriors when LP McDuffs sent me a convo that simply stated, “If you ever feel like joining the Minnies, you’re always welcomed here.”

That was a weird idea to me. The only real interaction I’ve had with the folks in IFW had been being blown up and blowing them up in fights and they would just out of the blue offer me a spot with them? Why the hell not.

That was when everything changed for me in FW and EVE in general.

After my very first night in comms with the guys of Late Nite I realized one thing right away: I was fighting for the wrong side all along. The guys of late nite were friendly, laid back and hilarious… every single one of them could hold their own and didn’t need to get anyone to hold their hand with orders. When shit hit the fan and a FC went down another one stepped up right away. Everyone was part of the group and it was an organic kind of relationship.

Everything just fit.

This was such a diametrically opposite feeling from the overly strict fleets of Amarr where they constantly worried about spies in their ventrillo and other crazy things that no one really cared about. The Late Nite crew had fun regardless of them winning or losing. They fought for the sake of fighting, the way I had always played.

The point that I’m trying to make with this poorly written wall of text is this.

EVE is a sandbox and it is as much or as little fun as you make it. I left the Amarr because there were a bunch of power-tripping and paranoid jerks to me. And as far as I can see most of Amarr’s really amazing pilots switched sides too… not because being Minmatar made any difference then being Amarr but because the Minnies always seem to do something the Amarrians never can: Have fun.

I’m biased. I was burned. I’m still a little sore about it.

But if your side of the sandbox has cat shit in it. Why not remove the cat shit or move to the other side of the sandbox.